Sunday, June 10, 2007

Election Horror

So much to say these days. Barack, Hillary, et al. are duking it out to see who can promise the most "free" stuff to voters. And, with all the socialism dripping from their every word, they are still awful damned close to being "mainstream" in this, the land of the free.

Then there are the Republicans, who are spineless at best, trying to tap-dance around the abortion issue, immigration, Iraq, etc.. Ron Paul is the only one making any sense (as much as a rotten, no good politician can), but he is widely dismissed for his radical views.

I'll be sitting out this election, like the last one—on principle. Still, it's hard to detach myself as the horror unfolds, and the masses clamor more loudly for these assholes to take control of their lives—or rather, to stick it to the others they don't like. How dare they be rich, immigrants, insufficiently pious! It's like a hurricane of outrageous lies and absurd demands, bearing down upon every last inhabitant. And, those of us who take notice of little things like freedom can only cringe, knowing that words like “mandate” and “will of the people”—all false—will be spoken in stern voices as our freedom crumbles away.

It's easier to be numb to it all (Update:archived).