Saturday, January 23, 2010

Conan Go Bragh

Kudos to Conan O'Brien for a classy farewell speech and a pretty kick ass jam to close the show. Start at 32:00 in the following video for the speech and about 37:00 for the song:

Even with the masturbating bears and other such low-brow humor, O'Brien has a million times the class of the senile idiot on CBS who has imbued his increasingly dull attempts at comedy with appeals to the more hysterical, alarmist, dishonest political figures and ideas.

Leno is OK. He's no Carson and is a bit more dull (for my tastes) than O'Brien, but at least he isn't an arrogant fool. Also, Craig Ferguson often does a very good monologue and seems to be a good guy, though I wish he'd leave out the pathetic skits (Prince Charles, Aquaman, Murder She Wrote) and just get to the guests.

It's funny how 17 years ago I watched this tall redhead who looked scared as hell step into Letterman's shoes for the first night. I was disappointed, having been used to watching Dave for so many years after Carson, and feeling that he was cheated out of that job. But since then, I've come to appreciate how that goofy Irishman is a much better person.

Good job, Coco, and I hope to see you in 7 months on another network.