Friday, July 18, 2003

This water belongs to you, except when we need it...

From The Payson Roundup: The U.S. Forest service took water from Fred Conway's privately owned ranch to fight forest fires. They never compensated him, even after he sent them a bill. When they came back, he fired a shotgun at the collection bucket.

[Jinx Pyle said,] "The Forest Service basically closed their permit and told them to take their cattle off, so they've got all their cattle on private land now and they use that water to irrigate as well as for drinking water. There's only so much water, so when the Forest Service comes along and starts dipping water it hurts their carrying capacity.

"When they did that last year, Freddy sent them a bill and they didn't pay it. So he told them, ‘No more,' and I guess he meant it."

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