Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tank vs. Citizen

What kind of government runs over innocent people with tanks?

From comment section at Balko's place.

P.S. Regardless of whether you believe the Davidians started the fire, the fact is that the FBI tanks crushed women and children. They were quick to pull down the Davidian flag and raise the ATF flag, while people were still dying. That's not the act of crime fighters seeking to rescue children from alleged abuse. It's the act of military conquest.


Anonymous said...

Koresh started a gunfight and then burned his people up. That does not compare to student protesters in tents.

Anonymous said...

You're so right, MWC! Spot on!!

MicroBalrog said...

"The man placed himself alone in the middle of the street as the tanks approached, directly in the path of the armored vehicles. He held two shopping bags, one in each hand.[1] As the tanks came to a stop, the man gestured towards the tanks with his bags. In response, the lead tank attempted to drive around the man, but the man repeatedly stepped into the path of the tank in a show of nonviolent action.[2] After repeatedly attempting to go around rather than crush the man, the lead tank stopped its engines, and the armored vehicles behind it seemed to follow suit."

MicroBalrog said...


The Chinese tank guy lived. The Chinese Communist tankers stopped their vehicles rather than run this guy over.

Elliot said...

I know the tanks didn't run down that brave man.

They ran over students in their tents, but I didn't have a picture of that.