Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some Background on the Window War

A comment at the Walls of the City blog:

I, too have been following Vanderboegh in real time, before his Sipsey Street Irregulars website came into existence, via David Codrea's War on Guns website (which chronicles daily a dozen or more stories of police corruption, particularly with regards to gun laws--the sheer number of articles itself is a very bad reflection on the state of law enforcement) and the Western Rifle Shooters blog.

Vanderboegh wrote about a fictional Window War a decade or so ago, by his reckoning. It was a cautionary tale about gun control in the twilight of the Clinton administration. His repost occurred Feb 2009, just after Obama's inauguration, during the uncertainty of a gang of top administration officials who were far more leftist than anyone before in such high office, who brought with them the brazenly corrupt Chicago-style political thuggery. Couple that with the rotten, power-drunk federal law enforcement agencies, who even during the Bush years were already running amok, and anyone paying attention quickly saw the potential for more Waco and Ruby Ridge incidents (which occurred or started during Bush 41, before Clinton upped the stakes with the scary-looking gun ban).

The Window War has been in the works for a long time. Personally, I believe Vanderboegh is a principled man who is not itching for a fight.


David Codrea said...

Typical of Linoge's distorted and untruthful MO. He distinctly said he did not "desire to associate in the slightest bit" with us. I did him the honor of assuming he actually meant what he said and found it curious that he continued trying to associate, albeit by being an insulting troll, which I have no obligation to provide him a forum for.

Linoge said...

Wow. Talk about definitional hypocrisy - lie while accusing someone else of lying.

Bravo, David - you always do manage to dredge the bottom of the barrel.

Elliot said...

I haven't followed the comments at David Codrea's The War on Guns (or perhaps at Western Rifle Shooters Association or Sipsey Street Irregulars?) often enough to know specifically what this dispute is about.

I will say I have never seen anything David Codrea has written to make me question his honesty or principles. And, I have no problem with him deleting comments without explanation (I'm guessing that has something to do with the disagreement, forgive me if I'm wrong). It is his site, after all.

As for Linoge, while I agree with him that doing damage to property is morally comparable to doing harm to the owner, I disagree that the Window War is the initiation of force. And, most importantly, I disagree on the benevolence of government and the notion that one can vote oneself back into freedom.

David Codrea said...

I rest my case.

Linoge said...

Good idea, David - you are not particularly skilled at lying. For the future, though, you might want to keep in mind that linking to facts which completely disprove your fallacious nonsense does not help your case.