Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Al Gore likens fight against climate change to battle with Nazis

Eventually, it may come to that. But Al Gore has it upside down and backwards. The fascists are the ones nationalizing industries and stealing the efforts of the most productive, to spend as they see fit. The Reds Greens are the ones depriving individuals of the freedom to make their own choices, putting arbitrary restrictions on what you can build or drive.

Sometime down the road, when historians look back, they will wonder how people allowed politicians to artificially inflate the prices of energy, construction, and transportation. Once you see $8/gal. gas and $700 utility bills, or when it costs you $10,000 to retrofit your house before you're allowed to sell it, and the economy takes the predictable nose dive in response, people are going to be eying their pitchforks when the likes of Al Gore speak. I think he's just getting a head start on this, hoping that enough idiots will buy his "anti-environmentalists are Nazis" bullshit to balance the rest of us who see the alarmists as the architects of our economic ruination, in need of tar and feathers.

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