Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Idol Season 9, Top 12 Males

Only a handful of men sang well tonight. If viewers voted for all of the top 24 at the same time, women against men, this first week would have been a rout, with 4 guys going home. So many of these guys just don't belong in the semi-finals. I think the judges made some big mistakes in Hollywood week.

I'll just list the good ones:

  1. Andrew Garcia ("Sugar We’re Going Down" by Fall Out Boy) - Nice performance. Perhaps, as the judges said, a little safe, but this guy is good enough that his "safe" version is superior to all the other performers. He'll go far into the finals.
  2. Casey James ("Heaven" by Bryan Adams) - A very close second. Putting aside the annoyance of the judges (and my wife) going on and on about his looks, he gave a good rendition of that song. He'd have to have some great pipes to try to out sing Bryan Adams, but I don't think he does, and so I don't think he should try that approach.
  3. Todrick Hall ("Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson) - I liked this much more than the judges or my wife. I didn't realize until I looked up on YouTube what the original pop song sounded like. Kudos to him for his originality. He was a bit rough around the edges, but showed real talent. I can't see him winning the top prize, but if he makes good song choices, he should make it several rounds into the finals.
  4. Lee Dewyze ("Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol) - OK performance. When I replayed it, I liked it better than the first time. He seemed a bit nervous and constrained at times. He sounds, right now, like a cookie-cutter of the bands he's covered, so he'll need to show some more uniqueness to stand up to the competition.
  5. Michael Lynche ("This Love" by Maroon 5) - Decent performance tonight. He'll get to the finals easily, but I don't see him lasting long there.
  6. John Park ("God Bless the Child" by Billie Holiday) - Bad song choice for this venue. Still, he showed he's got a very good voice, which puts him ahead of everyone else not on this list.

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