Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Politics These Days

I haven't been able to bring myself to blog about politics since August, when the Town Hall and Tea Party protests (*) were so wretchedly run over by the pro-Democrat Party smear machine. The intensity of the anti-reason in the political arena disgusted and disheartened me to the point that it was downright painful to spend too much time watching the mess, as I could guess, in broad strokes, how it was going to play out. I could not have done justice to it all without spending far more time than I was willing to spend--time in which I would no doubt have been filled with anger by focusing on the particulars. I don't care to put myself through that level of stress.

If Republicans do manage to block Health Care Deform and the worst of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda, if some small measure of rationality shines on the vermin who so hungrily eye our property and freedom, it may be a bit easier to spend time focusing on these things. But Republicans are unprincipled cowards, so I think there's a good chance they'll "compromise" far enough that the damage will still be horrific. Even if they managed to grow a spine and stop supporting the assault on individual rights, you can't vote your way to freedom. Voting got us where we are now.

And, while Obama's ambitions, if realized, would be devastating to us in the here and now, they're nothing compared to the impending doom of Social Security and Medicare. They've managed to build the nation's financial future smack dab on the top of a cryptodome, which is guaranteed to explode in the next couple decades.

* Clarification: I'm not among the Tea Party or Town Hall protester ranks. While many of these people that I've read or seen in interviews have, to one degree or another, an appreciation for how the government has screwed us with spending, bailouts, and Health Care Deform, just about all of them look to the ballot box to solve the problem. A handful have made noises about state secession, though I doubt many of those would be in favor of counties, cities, or individual people carrying forward the principle behind secession to its natural conclusion. In other words, they hate the current bosses, but only want to replace them, rather than allowing free, rational individuals be their own bosses. Furthermore, too much of their anger is directed at immigrants.

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