Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bad Health Advice

The Agitator notes that Obama has chosen a food nanny to run the CDC. I'm just waiting for the day when the food dictators not only crack down on trans-fats and sugary sodas, but try to force people to eat more grain and vegetable oil, eschewing animal fat and eggs. Nearly all nutritionists are completely wrong about the impact of these foods on your health. Their advice for decades has, in all likelihood, lead to more obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer (the "diseases of civilization"). In the name of "public health", the food nannies may soon punish those of us who ignore official recommendations and try to improve our health based upon evolutionary principles. The so-called experts do not objectively analyze all medical research. They cherry-pick studies which conform to the current recommendations. Over and over scientists and doctor misinterpret findings, ignoring how insulin, not saturated fats, is the real killer.

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