Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Idol Top 3

I didn't have time to watch anything but the performances, so my thoughts are untainted by the judges' reactions. That's probably not a bad thing. Before tonight, my favorite was Danny Gokey. But he disappointed me in the Top 3 show, as did Adam. Kris Allen was the star of the night. But compared to previous weeks, all of the contestants have done better before.

  1. Kris Allen · Apologize · Kris has emerged as the dark horse. This was the best song of the night. It wasn't great, but consistently good from start to finish. Nice piano work, too.
  2. Kris Allen · Heartless · It had a good driving rhythm, and I wish it could have lasted longer. I realize they have time limits, of course, so that wasn't his fault. Nice choice of song.
  3. Danny Gokey · You Are So Beautiful · Decent. Not a great choice, but safe.
  4. Adam Lambert · Cryin' · As one of Aerosmith's repetitive songs, this was a poor choice. It was a bit loud and pointless, without giving Adam a chance to showcase his vocal range.
  5. Adam Lambert · One · Boring and uninspired in the soft parts. The rest seemed forced and a bit frantic, nearly coming unhinged.
  6. Danny Gokey · Dance Little Sister · Awful. Paula did Danny a disservice picking this song.

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