Thursday, May 14, 2009

Do You Have a Mouse in Your Pocket, Mr. Balko?

Radley Balko writes:
Obama: Still bad on the issues where we thought he’d be bad, and still bad on the issues where we expected better from him. Oh, and he’s also still breaking campaign promises.

Radley, what's this "we" nonsense? Some of us knew better, tried to tell you, and were kicked around by you for our trouble.

Addendum: To be clear, I don’t for one second expect that McCain would have made improvements in the way of individual rights (i.e., getting the government to stop squashing them so much). He voted for TARP. He co-authored McCain-Feingold. I long ago decided that McCain voted with Democrats when he should have voted with the GOP on principle, but voted with Republicans when he should have broken ranks on principle. Basically, the man has no principles.

Still, I doubt he would be chewing up $9.3 trillion in debts, with a hungry eye on medical insurance, and all the rest. He would suck, but he wouldn’t be on a hard push for more socialism, more socialism, more socialism.

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Anonymous said...

Your criticism was about economics, not about detaining suspects without trial, and not about transparency. Nice try.