Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Idol Top Four

Adam Lambert kicked ass. Whole Lotta Love is his best performance to date. I appreciated the absence of Broadway-type gimmickry and the lack of any need to force his vocal wailings into a weak song. This song demanded it.

Allison Iraheta gave a solid performance doing Joplin.

Their duet was definitely the better of the night. They filled out the singers' roles like pros. I think they'll be the top two.

Danny Gokey crashed and burned on the final notes. The song has some good parts, but the chorus is annoyingly repetitive (not as bad as Levon). He should have done something else.

Kris Allen gave one of his best performances with Come Together. Danny is more talented and has been consistently good (except tonight), so I'm hoping he'll fare better in the votes. But the group is small and the competition tight, so I also think Kris could beat him out for third.

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