Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Strip Away the Old Debris

The Obama administration's push to increase gas mileage means more expensive, smaller, less powerful cars. Your preferences for performance, utility, and safety will not be allowed to properly dictate the supply and demand.

Off the top of my head, about all the freedom that's breaking out under the benevolent hand of Obama:

What will happen is that to the extent that they can -- before, that is, the government finds ways to tamp it -- what's left of The American Man will keep real cars running as long as they can into The Cripples' Era. There are enough of them left that it will be a while before there are only Eloi remaining to pedal Social Motors toys around this great continent.


The title of this post, like the title of this blog, comes from the song Red Barchetta.

Addendum: I noticed on the wikipedia entry for the song Red Barchetta that Geddy Lee mispronounces "Barchetta" with a "ch" sound instead of a hard "k" sound.

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